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5 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Toddlers

5 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Toddlers

We all know reading is an important part of a child’s life. But, how do you make it fun for your active toddler and for mom and dad? Here are five easy ways to make reading fun for toddlers. 

1 - Pick age-appropriate books.

If you try to read a chapter book to a 3 year old, they are going to run away real fast. Every toddler’s attention span is different but choosing books that are interactive, colorful, and short is key. The “Olivia the Pig” books are perfect for this age group.

2 - Eliminate distractions.

Toddlers get distracted easily so limit the distractions so they can focus on reading with you. That might mean turning off the tv or music or it could mean going to a quiet room with a comfy reading chair.

3 - Let them pick the books.

We all know that toddlers like to be independent. Let them choose what books they want to read and chances are they will be more engaged. You might have to read The Foot Book 5 times in a row, but it’s worth the repetition.

4 - Create a reading chart.

Take a cue from summer reading programs and make your own family reading chart. You can set your own guidelines like “one star for one book” or bonus points if they want to read outside of just bedtime. Let them pick the prizes so they are even more excited when they read 10, 20, or 100 books!

5 - Be enthusiastic about reading too!

Toddlers love to mimic their parents so if you’re excited about reading, they will be too. Be cheerful about reading time and it will become a fun activity for you both in no time.

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