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March Reading Log

March Reading Log

We are headed into Spring which means more activities and more daylight (yay!!). Will your reading slow down if you are out later in the evening with sports or just enjoying nicer weather? If so, use our reading log to keep you accountable to read at least 10-15 each day.

HERE: March Reading Log

Need extra tips to help keep your reading on track?

  • Use a reading log to track your reading minutes each day so everyone is held accountable.
  • Choose a time of the day that works well for your family. It doesn't have to always be at bedtime.
  • Let your child choose his/her book or reading material. Although we do not include graphic (comic) books in our boxes, these type of books still promote reading and literacy.
  • Set an example - read your own book while your child reads his/her own book.
  • Or even better, start a family reading club - everyone reads the same book and then discusses (this is our favorite!!).

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