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Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed
Reading before bed is a long standing tradition for everyone. Reading before bed for children is a must! This article from Parents magazine explains the benefits:

Fosters parent-child bonds
Improves logic skills
Lowers stress
Quickens the mastery of language
Expands vocabulary
Develops logic skills
In addition to all of these wonderful benefits for our children from reading before bed, our children’s teachers encourage us to do so. My Bookwork Box was created after we spent the first 3 months of this school year documenting our 10-20 minutes of reading each day with our 2nd grader. Every night I quickly sorted through all the books on the bookshelf for an age appropriate book to read. Our book shelf consists of many books, some from a few years ago, some hand-me-downs that are a few levels ahead of us. It was a stress every night to find a book for him to read that wasn’t one of his sister’s chapter books and that would challenge him but also finish that night. Finding a new book every night was a struggle. We hope to take this stressor out of your nightly routine with My Bookworm Box.

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