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What is My Bookworm Box and How Does it Work??

What is My Bookworm Box and How Does it Work??

My Bookworm Box was created for all busy families out there managing many activities and schedules for their children. As parents ourselves, we understand juggling many commitments for the entire family. Our goal is to relieve the pressure of figuring out what to read on a daily basis at home. Most families accumulate many books in the early years. You often find you have too many books in the house. You also may find yourselves reading the same books over and over again.

This is where My Bookworm Box can help. We send a box of books for you to read and then return for your next box. Our My Bookworm Box kids are super excited to see their box arrive and even more excited to decide which book to read first. We give you a variety of books in each box. You may find books you love and may not have found on your own. You can also purchase any books you love and want to keep. My Bookworm Box is also very convenient. In every box, we include a postage paid return envelope so you can mail the books back when you are finished. The cost of shipping to/from our customers is included in every purchase. 

The number of books in each box varies. Our board book boxes and easy reader boxes include 5 books. These boxes are for newborns through about 1st grade.  We anticipate that you will finish these books within 1-2 weeks and then you will be ready for your next box. Once your child is ready for chapter books, we start you off with beginning level chapter books. Our chapter book boxes include 4 chapter books and we expect you to keep these books for 3-5 weeks. 

When you are finished with your first box of books, decide which books you will send back and if you will purchase any of the books to keep in your home library. Once we receive your package of books back and have verified any purchases you made, we will mail out your next box. 

Here is a step-by-step of how it works:

  1. Decide how many boxes you want to purchase initially. You can choose from 4, 6, 8 or 12 boxes.
  1. Go to and choose our board book box, easy reader box or chapter book box along with the number of boxes you want to purchase. Complete your purchase.
  1. After you complete your purchase online, we will email you a profile survey to complete. This will give us more information about your child to best customize his/her boxes.
  1. When you receive your first box, enjoy reading the books!! If there are any you love and want to keep, just follow the instructions to purchase them online. When you are finished reading the books, return with our feedback request and wait for your next box to arrive. 

You can also give My Bookworm Box as a gift!! Just follow the above steps online when you choose to purchase as a gift. 

Feel free to email us anytime if you have questions. We can be reached at

Many Thanks!!

Amy & Team My Bookworm Box

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